Cat Gillette

[If you are here for trigger concerns: Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade Triggers, Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade Triggers, Natalie the Dragon Rider 8th Grade Triggers]


This pen name is more Cat Hartliebe’s real name. It is made for non fiction work such as It Really is Life or Death cookbook or non adult fiction such as Autist.

The young adult series will be placed under Cat Gillette. These include P.I.N.C. and Teen Test Train (a favorite of Cyro’s).

There will be little in the way of blogging done on this site.

Anything New Adult and above will be either Cat Hartliebe or Tod Leben.

Cat Gillette will not refrain from triggers like Cat Hartliebe, but the work will be clearly written for a child or teen. Children and teens do deal with triggering events.

You can reach Cat Gillette at or

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