Natalie the Dragon Rider

I’ve fixed the title and created a new cover that should work. [P.I.N.C. School of Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]

P.I.N.C. School for magic 
Natalie the Dragon Rider
6th Grade
by Cat Gilltte
front cover image

P.I.N.C. School for Magic works as a series name. Natalie the Dragon Rider makes it more clear that Dragon Rider is a title. It also opens up Rebecca the Alpha Shifter as a clear connection series.

I’m going through the work creating trigger warnings (for here and on the last page of the book).

It’s stuff that needs doing.

If you are interested in reading a beta/arc copy, leave a comment or email me (

The more eyes on the book, the better.

This series is meant for younger teens. Tod Leben’s New Adult books would be for older teens and adults. A sixteen year old can claim adult. Just because they lack a lot of experience doesn’t change that.

The P.I.N.C. series is meant for “kids” yet. Natalie the Dragon Rider does lean into New Adult in the last few books, but starts as Young Adult.

This is fun!

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