P.I.N.C. & Slavery

[P.I.N.C. School for Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]

If anyone truly understands what the 13th Amendment in United States says, you’ll grasp how my slavery occurs. To become a slave, one must be a criminal to a certain level. There are very strict laws and rules to acquire such a denotation.

And many of the lords/ladies will claim any children born of slaves as children of the lorddom. Being cared for by the lorddom means payment must be returned in some form. Some aren’t too nice about that (twenty years of proper payment that can only start at adulthood). That means they fall into indentured servitude. Free in some ways, but trapped in others.

Part of my slavery inclusion in this series is to point out the problem with the 13th Amendment. It is written a criminal can be forced into slavery. My world has this be very clearly marked slave. The United States removes allowances for criminals. They lose so many freedoms. And this country has the highest percentage of criminals. Not because we have the most crime, but because we criminalize people who aren’t causing harm.

There are so many little nuances in this series that are leftist comments about the world I live in.

Comments about sexism, slavery (through the 13th Amendment), homophobia, etc. They are side plots to the world.

Many of my fantasy based series have slavery created from criminal acts just as the 13th Amendment says.

One day, I hope to have that not be an option here.

And yes, there are situations where one is caught in the slave trade through outside forces. If that wasn’t possible, Natalie would have never be caught under the mark. She was born a slave because her mother chose slavery.

There was no Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Black people are not automatically slaves. Color of skin does not equate to anything in this world.

There is a level of racism, but it would far closer to colorism. If you are the only one someone has seen who looks like you, you’ll be questioned. Alex mentions that:

“Typically, I get questioned upon first notice. Unless the person is used to my mom’s family, my skin gains suspicion. Anything that makes you different grants alarm for most.” Alex holds up his hands. He’s dark. “Mix this almost black skin with magenta eyes. It’s a winning combination of notice. And typically not the bow down and respect notice. It’s fear. People tend to fear me. Normally, I play my cards right and get friends not enemies. Although, that hasn’t always been the case.”

Natalie the Dragon Rider 9th Grade

But that is as far as racism goes in this world.

The slavery here is to compare to the trouble with current issues without diving in too far with history. The fantasy world is not a replica of ours after all.

Lord Verde is one of the lorddoms that always sets up a way for a slave to become free. Many do not. Just as they do not require children of slaves freedom from that destination either. Even the king, which offers a clear way for every slave to gain freedom, has a tough requirement.

Alex holds the door open for me. He moved quickly or teleported. Now he stands at my back looking at the same world as me. “I would always chose freedom. Our home collects many a slave and offers a real chance at freedom. We are number one in such an offering. Guess the second most likely.”

I step outside removing myself from his zone. A castle. A home. A world. They own people. Lord Verde has slaves. He collects them. Offers them freedom. He can. What world am I walking into? He’s a true lord of land and castle. “I would struggle to name more than a few of the more popular castles or titles.”

“Pick one.” Alex waits for me.

“King Charles,” I state.

Alex chuckles. “Good guess. Most gain freedom by serving ten years in the military. His Majesty grants others special rights occasionally. Our slaves have an easier time reaching the right of freedom. We also are the number one buyer of mage slaves.”

Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade

Any questions, ask. The story is meant for teens and pre teens. Hiding these points are just to bring things into the real world a little bit.

If you were in P.I.N.C.’s world and in Natalie’s position, how would you feel? What would you try to do? She’s a lady. She’s best friend with the future queen. She’s a dragon capable of so much. What would you try to change? Or would you keep with the current path?

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