Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade Triggers

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade] [P.I.N.C. School for Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]

6th Grade (11 chapters)

  1. orphan; unknown father; attempted expelling; talk of destruction; self deprecation;
  2. berating (warranted); grief (friendship loss); self deprecation;
  3. adoption; finals; imperfect grades; summer school;
  4. summer school;
  5. debut (ball/nobles); paparazzi like actions; weight related insults (underweight);
  6. injury (frostbite); summer school; forced eye contact;
  7. ageism; flight (fear); self deprecation; suggestion of arranged marriage (Natalie doesn’t believe it)
  8. talk of destruction (fear of Natalie); magical exhaustion (temp); suggestion of arranged marriage (Natalie doesn’t believe it); ageism; weight related insults (underweight);
  9. talk of arranged marriage; talk of child; talk of damage (fire); confinement;
  10. talk of arranged marriage; missing (Brooke); confinement (Brooke); break down (tears) (Brooke);
  11. talk of confinement; talk of suicidal ideation (Brooke); being sought; cornered; attempted assault (possible sexual assault) (saved by Ceres);

[P.I.N.C. School of Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]

Bonus Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade opening:

talk of arranged marriage; threatened (physically; no damage taken); lack of consent (entrance to room);

Age Gap Relationships

Within this series are two age gap relationships: Ceres (14 at start) and Brooke (11 at start) (aka Charles and Cynthia); Natalie (11 at start) and Alex (16 at start)

Both are arranged marriages before they have the chance to agree. There is set up by those surrounding them to turn them into loving couples before the marriage becomes required.

Ceres and Brooke have a romantic relationship while she is only 11 that switches to sexual when she is 13. (Pregnancy loss is a big trigger within 9th Grade.)

Natalie and Alex start a QPR in 7th Grade that they call a friendship (and admit to be fiances). Natalie is aroace. Alex is similar but has attraction to Natalie of both types. It’s part of the reason neither truly understand Ceres and Brooke’s relationship troubles. Alex and Natalie are happy in their QPR and as a couple.

Eating Disorder and Alcoholism

Verde has an ED and alcoholism, but it doesn’t impact him as a dragon. He refuses to eat food and drinks his calories using alcohol. This is an ongoing problem that Natalie fights him over. As the series moves forward, he does eat more and drink less (and half expects praise for his actions).

Suicidal Ideation

Brooke/Cynthia has suicidal tendencies. She has been planning her death since she was eight. Her depression is because of the requirements placed before her and the threat over her life. It is not that she hates the idea of being princess or queen or even being with Charles. It is more she hates she did not get to decide her future.

If you know anyone who suffers with suicidal ideation or depression, please seek help. My work is all fiction.

Children who suffer especially need a strong support structure around them. Some- like Brooke- are suicidal because of the situation they are in. Some have depression because of mental or physical health issues besides. Ignoring it is never a good idea.

There is no safe number I can suggest. Or safe site to send you to. Because the why can cause any of the typical offerings to be worse. If you would like me to help find the right help, leave me a message either on the blog or email