Aquarium Visit

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Aquarium Visit follows George on his visit to the Aquarium. Like most autists, he has a special interest. There is no indication to age for George, only that he counts as a child. His goal is to touch a starfish, will he manage?

Cat Gillette has three other stories for the Autist collection right now. Cara’s Amusement Trip, The Water Cavern, and The Book. There will be added Cat Hartliebe poems to the collection as well.

I am autistic. There’s no reason to hide it or mask all the time. My life has become so much better after realizing. I’m allowed to be this way. These stories and poems are to tell young autists, they don’t need to change or mask.

There is freedom in being ourselves.

Words, language, writing, letters are my special interest. I get the “big feels” common among us who have high empathy. Writing has been my way to handle everything. It’s a comfort. It’s my passion. It’s my everything.

It is why I have [Writer’s Stuff] on Cat Hartliebe’s website.

This is only the first book in the collection. The three created already as well as the poems should easily combine. It is just one of many things I have planned.

Aquarium Visit: [US Amazon] [Smashwords]