Autist Shorts

This collection is being created. There will be three short stories and a bunch of poems. I would like to get enough autist shorts to fill a paperback book.

Even with the bonus of poems, there will have to be a lot more stories first. I’ll work on them.

Table of Contents
Let it Go (poem)
Aquarium Visit
The Mask (poem)
The Book
Don't Wanna Have a Meltdown (poem)
The Water Cavern
Trust (poem)
Not Very Huggy (poem)
Cara's Amusement Trip
Nostalgia (poem)
The Glass Slipper (poem)
About Cat Gillette
The current table of contents for Autist.

Since I haven’t hit publish yet (and even after I do), I can add more shorts and poems as I see fit.

I’ll have this finished at some point this year. It will replace Aquarium Visit as my published work.