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Triggers: Typical triggers associated to autism.

Autist by Cat Gillette cover image.

There are four short stories and eight poems at current in the collection. I would like to get enough autist shorts to fill a paperback book.

Even with the bonus of poems, there will have to be a lot more stories first. I’ll work on them.



To all the autists in the world.
We are normal. There is nothing wrong with us.

The poems are written by Tod Leben and Cat Hartliebe.
The triggers for the Tod Leben poems are common concerns for autists: lack of consent, forced masking, discrimination associated to autism.

Table of Contents
Let it Go (poem)
Aquarium Visit
The Mask (poem)
Do I Know Enough? (poem)
Mrs. Namil
The Special Thing (poem)
Don’t Wanna Have a Meltdown (poem)
The Book
Trust (poem)
Not Very Huggy (poem)
Cara’s Amusement Trip
Nostalgia (poem)
The Glass Slipper (poem)

I will add more shorts and poems as I see fit.

Triggers: Typical triggers associated to autism.
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