Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade

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P.I.N.C. School for Magic
Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade
by Cat Gillette
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Natalie Greene grew up confined because of her dangerous magic. P.I.N.C. gave her a safe haven. Except… Castle Borg, who paid the bills, decided she isn’t worth the cost the moment her mother isn’t around.

To lose a mother and payee in the same year?

To be told leave?

Until the gardener puts his position on the line: “In my contract, I have a clause. Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance.”

Is Alex her knight?

Why did she gain a knight but not a father?

How will she find someone who can pay for her schooling before the school year ends?

Is it wrong of her to hope the mysterious father who beget her is the one to save the day?

Not that Alex Copper isn’t someone to befriend. Natalie hopes for a father not a knight.

Follow Natalie on a seven book adventure through middle and high school. She becomes who she was meant to be.

I wouldn’t necessary call this a low brow glow up even though she starts as a slave and ends up a princess. Mostly because she was always technically a princess, she was just completely unaware of who her father was. And who her mother was.

Wait, I can’t give you those details can I?

Natalie Greene

“Barely 133 cm, a little more than thirty kilos, brown hair, bright blue eyes, and tan complexion offers nothing to real society. Small for my age and average besides. The only thing special is my magic.”

She starts the book at ten.

Alex Copper

“Including the gardener, not that I met him before. Before this semester, I did not have an herbalism class. Even if I did, I can recall the gardener of the past: an old graying hunched over white dude. This young Black male is everything different. Although the dirt covered overalls are probably the same.”


“Excuse me, Head Mistress Cassandra.” His voice is heavenly. Rugged and tough. Powerful and smooth. Much as if I could run my hands along a river stone. I like hearing it. Or perhaps his words themselves have me drifting off into a dream world. “I believe there is some mistake. She cannot possibly be allowed to leave the school. Her power grade is too high.”


A warm hand clamps on to my shoulder. I look at the gardener. He is saving me, protecting me. His stance says everything. I have a guardian, even if he is not that much older. Not old enough to earn adulthood by age twenty. How’d he get a job at the school being so young? He should be a student. Or did he already reach eighteen? He looks younger yet. He doesn’t have a mustache even. “In my contract, I have a clause. Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance.” My head fills with his voice. He’s saving me? A second chance?


Lost and confused, a hand grips mine. I stare at it. Such a dark brown in color, it reminds me of burnt toast or a dark roast coffee. As I look up to spot his eyes they offer the opposite end of the coffee spectrum. Foolish of me to think of coffee, something I have only seen and never tried. Burnt toast is allowed. I’ve received second helpings of that before.
“You look lost.” His river stone voice. The voice that offered me everything.
I’m Cinderella. I was literally saved from being thrown to the wolves. How did this even happen? A slave shouldn’t be given such a second chance. Or wait… Am I still a slave? Borg no longer owns me. They gave me up. Who can I rely on? What am I qualified as? Am I free? What is freedom?

Alex is both the love interest and hero of the series (it wasn’t obvious with the quotes?). He starts the book at 15.

Brooke (aka Cynthia Copper)

“The one who woke me, though, is a student I never saw before. She may be about my age, but her looks are more delicate. Soft peach skin. Curly red hair. Well formed body in a perfectly kept white silk dress and thick white winter coat. Magenta eyes. Wait a second… Magenta eyes are special. No typical human has magenta eyes. That is royalty. What? She looks too unreal to be before me. Am I still dreaming? No royalty would ever interact with me.”

Brooke is a hidden (not quite) princess who is cousin to the main royal line and Alex. Just that means Alex is also related to the main royal line (read the series to find out how). She also becomes Natalie’s best friend. She starts the book at 11. (Her birthday is literally just before the story begins.)

Jacob Verde

“Then I see him: Professor Verde. He’s tall and broad shouldered. Light skinned, lighter than me, with short wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes… Bright blue eyes that I… I gulp recognizing the same eyes in the mirror or on Brooke during the day. But it’s rare not impossible to find. Besides his physical features, his looks are impeccable in a dark grey suit done perfectly with a vibrant green tie. He moves quickly and efficiently almost as if the ground moved more than he did. His entire being has me both pulling back in fear and stepping into his limelight. This guy is powerful. He makes Alex seem like a grain of sand to his vast desert.
“She’s a twig,” Verde states with a scowl at Alex. The dangerous man scans me a second time. My small ten year old self probably doesn’t match whatever his goals are. His coal mountain voice has me shivering though.”

Jacob Verde is called ‘Lord Verde’ by almost everyone. Natalie does not even learn his first name until she nearly learns Jacob Verde is her real father.

SHHH! You didn’t hear it from me that Natalie manages to find the father she’s hoping for.

Jacob Verde starts the book at “Two thousand four hundred seventy-nine”. I should also state, he isn’t a human. Humans cannot reach 2479, but dragons can.

Any questions, concerns, interests, comments, etc, let me know. I love the series. Natalie is important to me. [P.I.N.C.] is going to be a longer series than just Dragon Rider. Only Dragon Rider has a complete first draft though. Alpha Shifter has been started in first draft form. No idea how long before the series moves forward, though.

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[Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade Triggers] [P.I.N.C. School for Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]

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