Dragon Rider

As much as I love the series, there is work to be done.

The first three books are more middle grade fantasy. There are a bunch of undercurrents (like romance), but the main genre is fantasy.

Natalie grows up very alone. Her only solace is with magic and books. Who is she though? What is she? No one seems to offer anything until-

Alex says she’s a Dragon Rider.

What does that mean?! She rides dragons? She can ride with dragons?

Alex may be the knight in dirty overalls that is useful, but really Natalie wishes she had a father appear.

Perhaps her wish can be granted by her odd ball knight.

The final four are more young adult. As Natalie transitions through the books, she grows up bringing her from child to adult. So much changes between 6th Grade and 12th Grade.

I need a new title. I need beta readers. I need to finish 11th and 12th grade rewrites.

And I’m not. I’m putting off the work right now.

If anyone is interested in reading Dragon Rider, please speak up. I want to publish this ASAP. But Leagende comes first.

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