It Really is Life or Death cookbook

At current, I’ll only post the links to the recipes. All the recipes are currently on [].

[Quiche] [Mini Poultry Meatloaves] [Mini Meatloaves] [Salisbury Steak] [Waffles] [Cauliflower Alfredo][Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes] [Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole] [Foiled Fish] [Crepes] [Cinnamon Oatmeal]

[Cream of Broccoli Soup] [Chicken Fried Rice] [Grilled Cheese] [Spinach and Artichoke Dip] [Pumpernickel Bread] [Potato Pancakes] [Chicken Gnocchi Soup] [Cheeze Sauce] [Coleslaw]

[Oatcakes] [Chocolate Chip Cookies] [Rice Krispies Treat] [Ginger Cookie] [Coconut Macaroons] [Chocolate Cookie] [“Butter” Cookie] [Blue Christmas Cookie] [Basic White Cookie] [Basic Almond Cookie] [Peanut Butter Cookies]

[Pumpkin Pudding] [Dirt Cake] (Pudding Cake) [Pumpkin Pie] [Christmas Stollen] (Fruit Cake) [Chocolate Cake] [White Cake] [Blueberry Upside Down Cake] [Blueberry Crisp] [Banana Bread] [Applesauce Cake] [Cornbread]

[Chocolate Frosting] [Chocolate Sauce] [“Buttercream” Frosting] [Sugar Cookie Icing] [Hot Chocolate] [Milkshake]

If you have requests comment.

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