Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade

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P.I.N.C. School for Magic
Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade
by Cat Gillette
Front cover

I would suggest reading the books in order. Check out [Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade]. If you wish to skip, there is nothing saying you can’t, but… This series is better read in order even if I prefer making them standalones.

Natalie Verde… Lady Natalie Verde… My name sounds too big for me. But, Lord Jacob Verde is my actual father. Mother became a slave for unknown reasons. To hide from something. She managed to hide us from my father while living in the same country!

It was pure luck that Alex picked P.I.N.C. to hide Brooke (aka Cynthia Copper, soon to be crown princess). He saw my struggle and just agree to help. He saved me! With little return possible.

To think someone would put…

Now, I can graduate. I have six more years of school.

I am a Dragon Rider. Now I can prove it.

I mean I have to. I need to prove to my father he was right saving me. I need to prove to Alex it wasn’t the wrong choice. Because… When he saved me, Father marked me as heir alongside Alex. I didn’t understand at first. We’re engaged. We’re both going to take over Gley.

Gley is home. I have a home. I will do everything required to prove I deserve the offerings Alex and Father gave me.

I hope one day, I can offer such bonuses to another. To save as my father and friend have. To offer a home when there was none before. To create a safety net when one only faces pain.

I can now. Because a lady has responsibilities. And I am Lady Natalie Verde.

Lady Natalie Verde

Haha! No quotes needed. If you read [Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade]’s page, Natalie Verde is Natalie Greene. Her name changed when her father adopted her. Let’s pick some fun new characters you’ll meet for the first time.

Jasmine Smith

“This senior… she’s unsettling. As if we’re being watched by a predator. “What are you doing here?” It’s a growl more than anything. She’s tall and muscular. Her lithe movement says something I’m not quite certain of. Her hands flex for battle, warm honey in color turning white from tension. Black hair is mostly back in a braid, but several strands drift around her growling face. Her black eyes thin and focus on me, I hope. I grip Brooke’s hand tighter. The growls makes me think shifter.”

Jasmine is an unlucky sixteen year old. Another quartz stone glowing because her magic is too strong. But the reason she is unlucky has nothing to do with the fact she’s a slave.

Xyaina Blanco

“”Jasmine!” Xyaina stalks over. Her white dress making her alabaster skin glow. Platinum blonde hair done up into a bun. Silver staff tapping out the quick harsh rhythm that matches her one word. She knows this shifter.”

Technically, you meet Xyaina the first time in 6th Grade, but now she’ll be clearly marked as… Alex’s friend… Which she was before… Did you want to hear about Natalie’s jealousy? Or the fact Xyaina’s existence makes Verde a touch worried? Hm… I wonder why…


“A small girl skips out from the same hidden nook. Five maybe? She’s small and clearly a shifter. Her movement is precise. Not that I was falling over myself at five.”


“Rebecca looks at me and offers a shifted hand. I gulp taking her claw tipped fingers. I offer a strong grip. Rebecca looks at me then at the hand I willingly hold. “You’re not frightened?””

Rebecca is one my favorite characters. She is a perfect little alpha cat shifter. And will be the main character of Rebecca the Alpha Shifter which is P.I.N.C.’s second set of novels. Rebecca and Jasmine are half sisters from the same proud alpha cat shifter father, who died under questionable circumstances.

Melinda Copper

Alright, I should’ve given her a place of honor last book. She’s going to be an important character through the entire series.

“Melinda opens the door wearing this beautiful silver dress. It may not be dragon fabric but wraps around her womanly body so perfectly. It off sets her dark brown skin as if stars in the sky. She even put silver ribbons throughout her long black hair. Normally tight curls, it’s now a mix of braids and ribbons. She’s gorgeous. Brooke offers her a hug right away. “Aunt Melinda! I have missed you! It has been forever and a day.””

Melinda is Alex’s mother. During this book, Natalie and Melinda grow a lot closer.

Alright a scene to prove it:

Melinda places me at the table before sitting in Verde’s chair. She looks at the room as a whole. “I never did like the place of honor.”

“Have you sat up here before?” This is where I am told to sit.

“Once, but I was always sitting at the head table before I left my parents.” Melinda elbows the table. She’s fighting the position of being before the crowd as the head person. But really, everyone looks up to her. She’s Master Crafter Melinda Copper. She’s Lady Copper. She’s someone to look up to and be proud of.

“Would you become my mother?” The question popped out. I asked Verde. Now I’m asking Melinda.

The shocked jump has my friend’s mother nearly off the dais. “What?”

Verde seems to dislike the idea too. Pushed it aside. “Father and you.”

Melinda backs off further eyes wide fear present. “No way. No thank you. Never in a million years would I consider Jacob.” She holds up her hands. She exhales breaking free of the fear. She’s more controlling herself. “But if you need someone to act the mother, come to me. I would love to help you as a mother would.” Her arms come around me again. “I’ll consider you a daughter.” I nod. I need someone I can consider my mother. I had one, but she was so distant. I never received hugs all the time. I was never reprimanded. I was never given the love, hope, and dreams Melinda and Verde offer me.

“Thank you,” I whisper comfortable in her arms. The tears are quick. I refuse to break down, but I cannot stop the tears.

“I know, Natalie.” She rubs my back. “My mother is alive, but completely out of my reach. Same with Jacob. Well, he says she’s alive. We understand how much it hurts to miss a mother. And I can only offer so much. If you ever want to hear about her, ask Jacob. He can talk about her for hours.”

Don’t I know that. Verde has gone on and on about my mother. But it sounded like a dream or a fantasy. It wasn’t the woman I called Mother. “Can I call you Mom, too? Like Alex?”

Melinda squeezes me. “Of course you can.” 

Dragon Rider 7th Grade

Natalie is slowly growing up. She gains so much in seventh grade. She finally feels like she has a home and a place. And unlike Brooke’s hatred toward her engaged, Natalie doesn’t mind it.

Do you think…. maybe… she’d be interested in offering her engaged a good luck kiss for the Holidays? It is tradition. To offer a kiss- nothing outlandish- to someone as a way to bring luck to their coming year.

Do you have someone in mind to offer such a luck to?

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[Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade Triggers] [P.I.N.C. School for Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]
[Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade]

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