Natalie the Dragon Rider 8th Grade

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 8th Grade Triggers] [P.I.N.C. School for Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]
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P.I.N.C. School for Magic
Natalie the Dragon Rider 8th Grade by Cat Gillette
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I would suggest reading the books in order. Check out [Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade]. If you wish to skip, there is nothing saying you can’t, but… This series is better read in order even if I prefer making them standalones.

Lady Natalie Verde.

Best friends with Crown Princess (not yet!) Cynthia Copper.

Did she make a mistake befriending royalty?

Natalie Verde will one day be a lady. She will one day watch her best friend sit before court, crown upon her head, magenta eyes staring out. But that day seems far, far away. Natalie helped Brooke get a hidden relationship with her engaged. With the gossip around the crown prince and the secretive nature of the relationship, they cannot hide it much longer. Will Natalie receive the backlash she’s expecting?

Eighth grade was supposed to be easy. Just graduate top of her class finishing off her middle school years perfect. Then, see a non human ball come summer. It was a promise from Verde shortly after meeting him.

Could the Dragon Rider not be up to the challenge?

Ceres Noir (aka Charles Copper)


King Charles Copper (maybe?)


Glinda (maybe?)


Jonah, Olaf, and Vine


A (?)


Natalie is turning into a proper lady. Eighth grade proves her abilities. Knowledge about who she is gives her something new to aim for.

Has she fully figured out what she is? Besides human, of course.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be something more than just human?

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[Natalie the Dragon Rider 8th Grade Triggers] [P.I.N.C. School for Magic (aka Dragon Rider)]
[Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade]

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