P.I.N.C. School for Magic (aka Dragon Rider)

P.I.N.C. is the poorest school for magic in the country of Andromedia.

That is until Alex Copper finds Natalie Greene there.

New cover for Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade:

Full cover image: 
Front cover: P.I.N.C. School for Magic; Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade by Cat Gillette.
Back cover: P.I.N.C. School for Magic. Natalie Greene the Dragon Rider 6th Grade. Simple words: "She has all the notes of Dragon Rider" All the difference.
Blurb: Natalie Greene grew up confined because of her dangerous magic. P.I.N.C. gave her a safehaven. Except... Castle Borg, who paid the bills, decided she isn't worth the cost the moment her mother isn't around. 
To lose a mother and payee in the same year?
To be told leave?
Until the gardener puts his position on the line: "In my contract, I have a clause. Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance."
Is Alex her knight?
Why does she gain a knight but not a father?
How will she find someone who can pay for her schooling before the school year ends? 
Is it wrong of her to hope the mysterious father who beget her is the one to save the day? 
Not that Alex Copper isn't someone to befriend. Natalie hopes for a father not a knight.

As much as I love the series, there is work to be done.

The first three books are more middle grade fantasy. There are a bunch of undercurrents (like romance), but the main genre is fantasy.

Natalie grows up very alone. Her only solace is with magic and books. Who is she though? What is she? No one seems to offer anything until-

Alex says she’s a Dragon Rider.

What does that mean?! She rides dragons? She can ride with dragons?

Alex may be the knight in dirty overalls that is useful, but really Natalie wishes she had a father appear.

Perhaps her wish can be granted by her odd ball knight.

The final four are more young adult. As Natalie transitions through the books, she grows up bringing her from child to adult. So much changes between 6th Grade and 12th Grade.

If anyone is interested in reading Dragon Rider, please speak up. I want to publish this ASAP.

P.I.N.C. is a series title. Natalie the Dragon Rider is first. Rebecca the Alpha Shifter is second. Blossom the Goblin Princess is third. Yes, I have that many plans sitting in my head for this series.

This will end up as a series page with links to the specific books. Once that is possible.

Even though the series is going to be massive and the stories link, there will be less requirement to read a series in order. I aim for standalones that work better as a group.

Blog Posts/ Social Media: Natalie the Dragon RiderP.I.N.C. & SlaveryDragon Rider’s changesDragon Rider the SeriesWhy is Alex Black?
Poems/ Short Stories: SS: Alex’s Test (Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade)Poem: A Lady (Dragon Rider 7th Grade)Poem: Dragons For Dragon RiderPoem: To Charles, Who Used To Be King By Jacob Verde

Each book will have a separate page and trigger page for them.

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade Triggers]

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 7th Grade Triggers]

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 8th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 8th Grade Triggers]

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 9th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 9th Grade Triggers]

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 10th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 10th Grade Triggers]

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 11th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 11th Grade Triggers]

[Natalie the Dragon Rider 12th Grade] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 12th Grade Triggers]

[Rebecca the Alpha Shifter 6th Grade] [Rebecca the Alpha Shifter 6th Grade Triggers]


[Blossom the Goblin Princess 6th Grade] [Blossom the Goblin Princess 6th Grade Triggers]


[Rachel the Dragon Rider 6th Grade] [Rachel the Dragon Rider 6th Grade Triggers]


Some possible others: [Joey the Dragon Rider] [Alex the Dragon Rider](This would be a before story written by someone else) [Xyaina the Ice Mage] (a before/simultaneously story written by another) [Lilith the Dragon Rider] [Amelia the Green Dragon] [Arthur the Usora Dragon]…. I can create more. There’s so many stories in this world.

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