The New Merlin

Young adult series about a Merlin retelling.

Cynthia is the new Merlin. She doesn’t understand why or how or what to do with it. When her magic flared up and killed her parents, it left her and her brother missing a lot.

The arcane colony that took them in is run by a unicorn. She trusts them. Is that trust misplaced?

Could Lucifer, aka Uncle Luke, be able to handle the two?

Cynthia is only 16. She wanted to have a normal high school life.

And her burning down her home killed Willian’s chances for normal too.

Why does it look like her little brother is settling when she doesn’t feel as if she matches at all?

Merlin is a title. One she wears. But she has no idea what to do with it.

The New Merlin and The New Mage are about Cynthia and Willian.
The New Morgana should be book three.
There may be a fourth book before The New Arthur. Only the first two of the series is complete.

The New Merlin was my first nano win back in 2012. It was my first time participating. If you want a challenge as a new writer, I’d suggest it.